Serena Williams is a Damn Cry Baby and Stole Naomi Osaka’s Moment


Serena Williams was an embarrassment to the sport or Tennis in her loss to Naomi Osaka at the US OPEN. This was Naomi’s moment and you stole it from her.

A down right embarrassment..see for yourself

She lost it. She literally the best Female Tennis player of all time. I still say she is still two because you know me

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but that is besides the point she is an tennis  icon love her or not .You can just look at the coming female tennis player landscape and you can see she had an impact.

Yet and still from time to time she acts like petulant child

She literally pulled the Woman card , talking about she is a mother and she would never cheat blah blah blah

Take the L and go home..

The sands of time are running out as they do with everyone Serena..

Maybe you can squeeze in a few more Grand Slam finals maybe not.

Pregnancy and father time have taken their toll. Expect more of these tennis upstarts to challenge you

Learn to be graceful

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