How Nike and Colin Kaepernick Gentrified the Activism Movement

How Nike and Colin Kaepernick Gentrified the Activism Movement


If you want to control a movement you lead it yourself. This has been a tried and proven method.

The boardrooms at Nike know this. The Deep State knows this. Everyone should know this.

The American Shine apparently doesn’t

Nike offering the bag to Colin X Kaepernick should be a red flag to the Black Community

Instead it is welcomed with open arms

People are celebrating, People are running to the Nike stores with wallets and purses open

I shake my head

Get this clear. He who controls the Bag CONTROLS the Movement.

Nike is the bag which controls Colin X who is the defacto face of the ‘Movement’

What are the details of the contract? What are Colin X obligations to Nike?  Is anything off limits?

Can Colin talk about the Sweatshop environments where Nike makes their shoes?  Can Colin talk about the high prices of the same Sneakers which year after year have caused people to be robbed for their shoes? Sometimes even killed.


Colin X originally stated the protest was against police brutality and the treatment of ‘People of Color’. He now has opened the door for Nike to profit off of police brutality and mistreatment of ‘People of Color’

Will Nike take some of these profits and invest it back into the communities? Please no more basketball courts and football fields. Schools and stores for employment is what is really is needed. I doubt they do.

the white man getting paid off of all that cheese

Nike bought off Colin X and now will reap the benefits without helping anyone out that the protests are originally for.

Sounds like Gentrification to me.


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