Sick and Tired of the Word “Ally”

Ally  – one that is associated with another as a helper a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle

If you have been awake during this seemingly awoke resurgence in the African American, The Akata, The Shine Community you have seen a word often used.


It seems in this fight of ‘oppression’ Black Millennial’s seek out allies to help fight against Racism, AKA the white man got his foot on our neck AKA White SUPREMACY

I am sick of you ally seeking ass niggas. Dead Ass

1st off i find it wild Y’all will ask the same people that you say are oppressing you.

2nd its demeaning to tell me I am marginalized and you want to be my ally. I can do it by myself B

I’m Just disgusted. Y’all seek out and argue and beg Allies instead of bearing down and doing the hard work.

Never heard of another race or Ethnic Group talk about an ‘Ally’ as African Americans.

Name one

They don’t seek approval or help they do it for self

The eternal story of the Shine

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