Mac Miller and Addiction

RIP to Mac Miller

Addiction has taken another soul. This time in the form of rap artist Mac Miller. 26 years old Mac was still a young man. Despite his age he really was a veteran with 10 years in the rap game. If your career lasts that long in rap you really are a seasoned vet.

Lot of Hot Takes shoot off when someone famous dies. People are asking where were his friends. Some even blaming his Ex Girlfirend Ariana Grande for breaking up with him over his substance abuse. All this is foolish and wrong.

What people have to realize about Addiction it is all about that person.

You have to want to change to fight addiction.  Mac Miller had to want it for himself. Only you can make that 1st step into Rehab. Only you have the power to make a change for your better self. No one is going to get clean if they dont want to get clean.

If helping someone with addiction you have to realize they have to want this for themselves. Nothing else matters because nothing else will work.


I listened to one Mac Miller project. It was Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Gonna spend the weekend listening to this and  discovering his other work.


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