Jamilah Lemieux likes to call Black Men “Negroid”

Ever see a war you wanted both sides to mutually destroy each other? 


Fun Times

Tariq and Jamilah  engaged on the twitter battlefield recently all stemming from her use of the term


In theory it isn’t an insult because Black Men are in fact Negroids to which to say i am a proud member of this group.

Jamilah certainly uses it as such to Black Men who don’t toe the Black Feminist Party line

Or could it be some below the surface level self hate from her.

I don’t care. I would never consider what I am an Insult

Its What God made me.

Tariq and Jamilah are opposite sides of the same Black American Coin. They both can correctly name the issues but never admit where we all should start to correct them


Jamilah’s rebuttals

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