Wrath of the Titans Movie review

Trash of the Titans

i have never been so disappointed in my life…Im telling u…ok maybe im exagerrating….its near bagging a bad brawd and her sack skills and head game is pure Non – HD tv struggle….I been waiting for this movie for months since i missed it in the theater. Then i misread the release date and went to Walmart hoping it was there and it was the next….I almost flipped over the Blu-Ray stand since it was a capper to a real bad day…. I went home and went to bed thinking today was not my day….Next day it was out…I copped without hesitation since i enjoyed the 1st movie of the series. Popped the movie in and sat thru 100 minutes of visual agony..CGI trash..acting…plot trash…Wrath of the Titans Blue-Ray…staright to the trash… Morale of the story…sometimes your day is not as bad as you think….I am sure if i watched this the day before when i was having the worse day ever this would have been the tip of the struggleberg…I would have commited about ten felonies in the walmart trying to get my money back

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