Stalking 101

Stalking 101

bruhs and bruhs I just got to address the stalking situations and give ya’ll some pointers (not from personal experience I assure you) cause shit is just getting out of hand. Ya’ll fukkin up the game with this outrageous  super saiyan levels of stalking for honest brutha like me..there is certainly acceptable levels of Stalking so polish off your stalk game and don’t get locked up

1. Don’t show up at his or her place of employment…you should be shot and given a dirt nap for this level of stalking..PFA orders should be filed handgun practice should be tested for you filthy animals Never jeopardize a person’s means of income….That just gives his/her coworker food for fodder about how crazy and desperate they are for messing with a work stalker in the break room and you only want good feedback nothing negative… You can turn into a dirt bag a few years in after a couple kids. But not yet.

2. Social networks is a stalkers bread and butter right here..a lot of stalking takes place here but you have to just go in Lurk mode. Don’t go on a full fledge like spree on everyone of the persons pics…You will look like a creep…only choose a few seldom discussed pics and then display your thirst…don’t go for the beach ‘thirst trap’ pic…choose a seldom mentioned pic and let it rip…they will remember that thirst not the countless others

3. Club/or bar don’t do this often…just happen to show up to their favorite watering hole out of the sheer blue sky….The ‘fancy meeting you here’ line won’t work…Just admit you’re in casual stalk mode and then dip off into the wings…strike up conversations with others and keep a safe distance…if they have a slow night they will swing back around for that stalk attention and then that’s when you go for the jugular…

That’s all I got right now if you have anymore stalk game please leave in the comment section….

PS I have never partook in any of these activities….these were told to me by a friend….I assure you. Enjoy

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