Justin Bieber Believe review

As soon as I seen Biebs go on the radio station and spit a freestyle I knew I had to check this youngin out…This is the first Bieber project I have ever listened to…I had doubt in my mind as i seen the slander @boyfriend2_69 got for admitting he listened to Biebers Christmas album….So I listened…and i was amazed…..His As long as you love me song with Big Sean is classic repeat material….The nikki minaj feature wasn’t that bad also features from Drake and Ludacris ,and there was only a few to sappy songs for my taste….I think its a solid 8/10 I will definetly check more his work….

One thought on “Justin Bieber Believe review

  • June 15, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    oh D… just when you think you know someone…. I love that you like it! Now I HAVE to hear it!!


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