Why Black Twitter hates Allen Iverson

Say Allen Iverson name on twitter and you are surly gonna get a reaction

The black twitter basketball gurus will come to trash him

Trash his Stats, Trash his wife, Trash his career,

I dont understand you negros

Here a man who falsley imprisoned by the racist white man yall say yall hate

A man whose career livelihood and freedom were taking from him

The man who kept working kept hoping and kept striving

The man who overcame the system and succeeded

The man who overcame a less then ideal upbringing

The man who is top SG of all time while being an alcoholic

How can anyone hate this man

Iverson stood up and told us he was gonna do it ‘my way’

Some of yall are afraid to say that in the mirror to yourself….

I can see why he is hated.

As for his play. I leave this here


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