RIP StruggleMax

Was a tough weekend driving wise for me….

1 minute from my house had to hit my brakes in middle of street to avoid hitting a guy running a light….he stopped then backed up and i was like thanks….

2-2-2014 3-06-35 PM1 minute later i see a pack of deers on the right….I slow down keep looking right then i turn left and Bambi on steroids hits the StruggleMax with a right hand….

Bambi backflipped over the whip….Then kept rolling

The nerve of that deer hit my car and not die

2-2-2014 3-05-06 PM

The StruggleMax had a few lacerationsThis morning the StruggleMax  gets hit in the same eye by someone late to work….

photo(1) photo

nobody was seriously hurt….but the StruggleMax is on its last legs…..

2-2-2014 2-59-07 PM

Then I go to the Tow Place to retrieve some items… this  kind man apparently has a peculiar way to wear his pants

2-2-2014 3-03-35 PM

God Speed StruggleMax God Speed

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