Last day of the Year

In true Negro fashion Kanye West knocks up Kim K

while she is still married to the Hump

….let the fukery ensue….Will we get a better name then Blue Ivy? …I aint mad at him tho…

I would have done the same thing…..

Sometime today the Andy Reid era will be officially over…

14 years….alot has happened in my life in 14 years….no more times yours quotes…no more i got to do a better job….i dont know what to do what myself….

Image of a pitbull and his favorite Michael Vick toy (cheslip via Reddit)

this dog does however knows what to do….

Meek Mills Cassidy diss was fire for a song but I think Cassidy’s diss hit home a little more….. you decide

ahh the better days…..

I thought Macon Georgia was a little harder then this….straight disrespectful by Gucci Mane *DIG YA PATNA UP NIGGA BET HE CANT SAY SHIT*

Just had to cop the black and gold questions…still sick about those breds tho

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