Turkey bacon or bowling the season away



Who got the bacon wrapped turkey on deck? I’m coming over


Pick Nick came in….and the Beagles are still trash…..Lurie just wants Reid to resign with dignity at the end of the year…..


NBA MVP will become between Durant and Carmelo…both having great starts…Durant getting over 10 boards a game is filthy and just got his first career triple dub against the warriors


Bynum and his afro….smh this cat further hurt his knee bowling….maybe if you cut this atrocious afro your knees would have less weight on them…..this guy better come back ballin or these Philly savages are gonna go berserk..

im just tired of hearing about this dude’s afro….like he the next coming of julius…how dare he..

I am not gonna post Miley Cyrus’s twitter you coons can google…but she has some very interesting tweets


This Rihanna album sounding pretty dope…but smh at that future song…might drop a verdict on it

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