What u want the bat or the gun? or Hope for Solo


Chamique Holdsclaw has always been a bit skittish….retired unretired …bouts of depression…she just aint wrapped to tight

….shit hit the fan when she ran up on her ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lacy… followed her to her friends crib went Jazmine Sullivan on her Range Rover with the baseball bat

…then pulled the nine out and busted off…. Here is hoping that Chamique learns from this and gets better…

and for Jennifer Lacy….Hey Boo if you need a shoulder to cry on I’m here for you baby….


New Action Bronson produced by the Alchemist…..

The Knicks are still rolling and my sixers are stumbling out the gate….yall don’t know my pain


Man gets 15 years for selling bootleg cds….6 counts of piracy got a brutha 15 years…just chew on that….

‘When investigators searched King’s home and businesses, they eventually turned up 10,510 counterfeit discs and the computer equipment they believe he used to manufacture the bootlegs. The Clarion Ledger notes that authorities also uncovered a number of weapons, including an assault rifle, from King’s Hazlehurst, MS home, but it was only the six counts of piracy that will put him away until 2027.

King’s sentencing is the second of two piracy cases resolved in Mississippi court as of late that resulted in hefty sentences for the accused. On October 31, Antwun Sharell Jones of Meridian, MS was sentenced to two years for selling a single pirated movie.’


Hope Solo marries former NFL TE Jerramy Stevens same day he was in court on suspicion of whopping that azz….That’s love…or a strong dik game…I can’t call it… Hope I am still here for you boo….


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