Fine wool Sweaters or I Shot the Skunk

Girl dressed as skunk gets shot by uncle…why u dressing ya kid up as a skunk?? A secret love of funk? Why your drunk uncle around with the shottie with kids about….had to be from Pittsburgh to….2012 please get us out of here


I was skeptical about this new gansta gibbs… I got his cold day in hell tape and gave it the it’s  ‘aight treatment’….but this Baby Face Killa Tape? Yessir!!!!


Can we Mark Sanchez outta here? Let Tebow Flourish!!!


Get Cam outta here to…brother was rockin a sweater with the most expensive wool on the planet….


I’m tired of this Andre 3K slander …just sick and tired of it… I was living down GA when Outkast first hit the streets and yall get his rap skillz all the way fukked up….Andre 3K appreciation coming soon

Sixers are looking crisp….I foresee big things from Nick Young off the bench….The Atlantic Division is ours…we getting them ball like ya uncle Celtics outta here…Bynum clearly puffin that green tho with the IDGF afro flourish tho

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