Bloody Monday

1st off the bat Chicago u bruhs really got to chill. 9 Dead 37 shot since Friday? Ya’ll putting up Bagdad numbers..Can we get some peace in the streets??




Hey TO just give it a rest bruh you had a good run tho…I still think you first ballot HOF but you know how them folks is gonna do…Hold ya head up and start finding quality baby mother’s



I got jury duty soon….and I cant wear a white tee apparently….can i do timbs?

This Slaughterhouse song Frat House will have every college crunk this fall


This Made in America Concert is gonna be the move on the ease coast for Labor Day….Hov and Ron Howard are making a movie on the concert…Dont let me get on big screen..Fake famous here i come.

Lets not forget how he did freeway at the conference tho






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