Back at the job…..contemplating life in itself and my summer celibate streak , time for a new entry (pause if applicable)



Dirk Nowitski is a true G and my role model…bruh got married in Kenya dressed the part…i aint made at him


Ted flick was good money….what was not good money was the movie tavern….your better off sneaking in food..and how you have technical difficulties starting the movie….press play bruh!!!


God Forgives I Dont by Officer Ricky is OK…everybody wants a classic nowadays and if it isn’t then its wack….not the case…ya’ll coons dont say this when you bring home a heaux and she got a booty but her breath stink do ya? Nah ya take the win and be done with….I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars , mics, asses or whatever you do to rate music. The Ashamed track is on of the best I ever heard tho…no lie…


Fukk the camera shop in the KOP mall…im still waiting for my camera to come back from a cleaning since june 7


Bruhs polo boots are done and over with for 2 seasons….ya’ll try to get in the club with the cargo short polo boot combo and then get mad when they like nah you cant come in? I am amazed you was allowed outside with this filth…NO COUNTRY FOR POLO BOOTS


Hey Steeler fans….we coming opening day…dont get shook now…



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