Israelis in Tel Aviv : “There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”


jon snow

Jon Snow’s return from Gaza

nuff said  

7-24-2014 11-12-17 PM

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Israeli sniper killing civilian

We arent targeting civilians they said


Pic of the Day


MSNBC pranked by Howard Stern fan

The public expects these people to tell you the news straight everynight? my sides


Detroit police chief attributes armed citizens with drop in crime

use it or lose it Detroit— Fed up with crime, some armed Detroiters have developed itchy trigger-fingers — and Police Chief James Craig said lawbreakers are getting the message. In the latest incident, police say an 88-year-old who was beaten and robbed inside his east side home last week probably thought he was defending himself against attackers when he opened
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Common – Kingdom

Need more Common and less Yung Thug


Cormega – The Industry


Chuck D

Chuck D on the Combat Jack show

Chuck D interview on the Combat Jack show….doesnt get his just due…but we all know why….