Rick Ross – Foreclosures

Ross dropped gems


A.M.G. – “Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin”

Rap has been saved

8-18-2015 8-28-38 AM

Members Of ‘Hotep Twitter’ Defend Their Tweets

I believe in Hotep  Hotep believes in you


Jin – You’re Fired ( Rosie O’Donnel Diss ) feat.Donald Trump

Jin and DonalD Trump rip Rosie… im Crying why did i just hear this


Dark Lo “Warm Up”

Dark Lo ‘You rapped on a beat you got ethered on thats that dickhead wierd shit…niggas drawlin’


Minister Louis Farrakhan interview with Big boy

The honorable Louis Farrakhan..

sean p

RIP Sean Price

RIP March 17, 1972 – August 8, 2015 When you really love Hip Hop you go thru phases


The Honorable David Carroll

The GOAT Black Conservative The Honorable David Carroll If you don’t know Mr Carroll is probably the most knowledgeable Black Conservatives on the planet. His diagnosis of Black American Negro Male and Female is in depth and in some cases deadly accurate. Not for the faint of heart I assure you. If your easily offended don’t click. He will probably
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AR-AB “Cold War” feat. Kylledge

Dont Sleep Ar-Ab got some gems here and there

8-9-2015 1-03-00 PM

Activists disrupt rally featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders

Fact 1. George Soros has donated to Black Lives Matter movement