Dr Khalid Muhammad on Donahue

When they let real negros on television…now we have Love and Hip Hop….great trade off…


Tony Wroten is too trill

get alot of talk of the Sixers not having a point guard….yall act like Tony Wroten aint on the roster….


Why Black Twitter hates Allen Iverson

Say Allen Iverson name on twitter and you are surly gonna get a reaction

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Malcolm X interview by Eleanor Fischer

  Listened to alot of malcolm X interviews and speeches…and i mean alot   this is a must listen   props to @natturnerx65  


Drake – Back to Back

Meek finished

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when i meet a brutha from ferguson miss

100 gifs of giving daps


Ferguson police shooting protesters with rubber bullets

While Obama is getting his Jig on (the jokes write themselves sometimes) another night of protest  

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HHS1987 Presents Body The Beat: Lik Moss

on the strength of being Ar-Abs brutha I gave this a click my reaction